sculpt design studio

C- 336




The new interior design of this home does not abide by the rules of any particular theme or style. Rather, it is a freshly curated style that reflects the designer’s and the client’s taste as the perfect combination. The relaxing and lavish interiors ensure the state of well-being of the users, while also enhancing their relaxation regime. The common areas are richly decorated with bold wall panels and contrasting furniture to demonstrate the grandeur of the new home interiors.


The color palette tends to depict “A Concrete Heaven”, having all shades of wood and grey in this new home interior project. Soft-textured grey wall patterns with contrasting wooden panels stand as distinctive features in the style. A playful combination of light types and shades has accentuated the features well. The verticality of the wall elements has been well complemented by curve furniture. The fabric of the furniture serves well with its surrounding, while also perfecting it. Overall, the careful designing strategies of the team have made it an accomplishment and a satisfactory virtue.

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