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Sculpt Design Studio best interior designers in delhi derives its uniqueness and multifacetedness from its founders, who are well-versed in the realm of Architecture. In 2017, Vardha Aggarwal and Chirag Gupta founded Sculpt Design Studio with the ambition of delivering the highest quality architecture, planning, and design while providing exceptional customer service.

Our studio’s basic ethos revolves around developing new, appealing, and enchanting solutions for our customers through the rapid development of projects that employ distinctive styles and architecture. In times of confusion or unawareness of what you want, we will assist you in achieving your dreams.

Whether you want to combine two or more different styles, are fond of “Old is Gold”, or lack space in rooms, don’t worry we got you covered! The mystery is a well-oiled team of diverse individuals, each endowed with a unique skill. It is a MULTIDISCIPLINARY TEAM of designers and architects who are obsessed with detail and creative expression.

Our mission is established on the conviction that a people-centered approach is at the heart of effective design. We approach each project with a young perspective, leaving our ego at the door, and most importantly, we are all ears! We and our team work together in our thriving studio to create captivating designs that portray each owner’s vision statement. We are always determined, evolving, and striving to be better than before.



Chirag Gupta

Our principle designer is the right hand of our studio. He is dedicated to seek into the concept of design, translating the unique soul of every client into bespoke home of their dreams. His skills and attention to detail is the sharpest amongst us all, making the transformations of our designs into reality quite a magical affair.

Vardha Aggarwal

Our principle architect a graduate from the IP university is a person who only thinks about design, making the client happy about every nook and corner of the house. she likes to update the team with every intricate detail. She is the best critic making her and their team perfect in every task.

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