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Meerut – 52/53




While “modern” interiors are commonly perceived to be chilly and minimalist, contemporary interiors in today’s houses are warm and inviting instead of being chaotic or dark. The ultra-modern decorating style in this latest interior design is characterized by its simplicity, subtle elegance, deliberate utilization of texture, and neat lines. The focus of most interiors is on space rather than objects. Therefore, it is critical to follow a few fundamental criteria in order to acquire the look of a clean and fresh contemporary home.


The major colors of contemporary styled interiors are black, white, and neutrals. The contemporary design space has been grounded and defined by the use of black. The palette has been brightened and accentuated with bright and dramatic hues that contrast with the neutrals. Colorful, messy patterns were avoided at all costs since they detract from the clean lines that are so important in a contemporary home. Stone, transparent or opaque glass, and metal were all used liberally to complement this contemporary interior design trend.

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