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Purple Door



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The alluring interiors of this home belong to the Neo-Classical theme of interior design, which is a combination of Greek and Roman styles. It’s really about complete harmony, balancing, and arrange in this sort of design. Apart from its power, this new home interior has its own flair and never falls out of style. So, if you want to decorate your home in a rather traditional style, this is just the stepping stone!

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Since Balance, Order, and Symmetry are the characteristics of this style, the design team mindfully continued to carry over some of the elements of one space to another, because Asymmetry will undoubtedly result if you decorate each area in a different style. So it was crucial to ensure harmony in the entire project. Also, the palettes used in classical interior design are mostly inspired by nature. Therefore, shades of green, brown, and grey are prominent in this palette.

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