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Najafgarh Project




The era of boring, eggshell-colored walls and cramped cubicle mazes illuminated by flickering fluorescent lights is over. Instead, open, bright environments with colourful accents that encourage innovation and raise morale are the standard in contemporary offices. A workstation design movement known as “modern office design” takes the demands and preferences of the modern worker into account. In order to provide workers with the comfortable, adaptable workspaces they demand, modern office design integrates aesthetics, health, psychology, and science.


Evolution of wood as a versatile material has resulted in creating a modern identity of its own. The design of this space is curated by integrating wood as a soft material to give a subtle look to the interiors. It depicts a natural and a refreshing environment, as well as a modern one. With ample of illumination, the space invites its users by exhibiting calm and working vibes. Apart from the wooden texture, the palette is emphasized on neutral shades to represent sophistication and the taste of the client.

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