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Rashmi Apartment


Contemporary Design- The New Normal


The line is the clearest and most defining feature of an interior design in the contemporary style. Any modern-style home has strong visible lines, whether they be linear top or bottom lines or curved shapes. The empty space on walls, in between furniture pieces, and above in higher sections becomes just as significant as the spaces occupied by objects. Less is more in contemporary interior design. Every piece shines out as distinct and individual in this setting.


A room done in a contemporary style looks great when there is a liberal use of metal, stone, and transparent or opaque glass. Our team has richly used textured textiles in basic hues for window coverings, pillows, or rugs to soften and warm up a space. Since they confound the plain space that is essential to a contemporary-style home, colorful, fussy designs have been avoided. Often, prints with two tones look good. In addition, overcrowding contemporary-styled spaces with collections or excess furniture is avoided. In contemporary home design, open space is frequently just as significant as the furnishings you use.

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