sculpt design studio

DLF Capital Green


A minimalistic attempt that goes way beyond fairness.


A tasteful combination of minimalist and modern interior design can be spotted in this lavish residence. It has been characterized by simplification, sharp lines, and a monochromatic scheme with accents of color. However, the residence is a welcoming sphere that has small combinations of different textures and shades to prevent the space from becoming a soulless area. Small touches such as contrasting artwork or materials enable it to refresh the users every time they use the space.


In an attempt to avoid clutter and provide relaxation and a sense of free-spiritedness, only the bare minimum or essentials such as materials, light, and form have been deployed in an open layout. The utilization of furniture and accessories, too, is focused on carrying out practicality and functionality in the space. Therefore, the expression of no excessive ornamentation and smooth and flat surfaces with bold and neat lines, emphasize the nature of each object placed.

Project Gallery