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The Unnoticed Combination of Minimalist and Neo-Classical Styles!

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Because they are clear, uncluttered, and monochromatic in appearance, minimalist rooms are easily recognizable. De-cluttering the environment promotes mental clarity and a calmer visual perception. In this project, the team has prevented making the space lifeless, since a lot of minimalist designs end up in this lane. The hints of neo-classical elements have elevated the design theme to turn out into an interesting home decor theme.

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essence of minimalist style. In order to produce light, airy, and attractive environments, this movement seeks to simplify forms and colors. Minimalist-designed spaces typically have a monochromatic color palette consisting of whites, beiges, and greys. To create warm and welcoming spaces the team has combined the utilization of different shades and textures that are soft or tend to soften the color palette. Moreover, the soft neo-classical look created in the design theme blends well with the entire style of the project.

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