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GHM Office moti nagar


GHM OFFICE- An Eclectic Office to Dwell In!


The eclectic style focuses on harmony and the blending of many styles, juxtaposed textures, and opposing colors to produce a unified, wonderfully realized space that wouldn’t seem out of place in a home décor magazine. This is one type of design that requires a great eye and enthusiasm. Additionally, since the brutal eclectic interior design is primarily about playing and experimenting, one truly enjoys the freedom it offers.


A good place to start is by picking a number of complementary primary colors for the brutal eclectic design. For this office project, the team chose a color palette that consisted of neutrals such as grey, wood, black and white; and red as the accent color. The neutrals complement the accent color beautifully, especially when used in various areas of the room to create a unified setting rather than one that is chaotic and out of place. Furthermore, the architect and interior designer carefully designed the personal workspaces by creating textured walls as a statement object in the design theme.

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