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Luxurious interior decoration can provide inspiration and character to a plethora of different design styles. Similarly, this latest interior design is the picture of the vastness of various design styles in one. This new home interior design is a mixture of Neo-Classical and Contemporary design themes. This home gives out varied vibes of excitement and relaxation to different users in different areas at the same time. The dominance of textures or prints has been balanced by the theology of “less is beautiful”.


The implementation of this new interior design required careful consideration of the design themes in particular areas. Along with the styles, it was crucial to make sure that the themes blended with each other. Our expertise enabled us to balance every style; while also holding their individuality, we were able to produce a profound and unified typology that addressed the needs of every user in their respective spaces. We were able to produce soft interiors well-mingled and opposed by the use of metal and wood.

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