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lighting in interior design

Lighting in interior design is one of the most essential elements, as illumination can make or break any space. Lighting is not just about practicality to get the tasks done or to make the other elements in the interior design of the space pop up. Good lighting in interior design not only makes the space look visually appealing, but it also enhances a space in such a way that it can radiate good energies and positivity in your home and make your everyday life smarter, more practical, and more efficient.

We are the best interior designers in Delhi. We take our lighting design very seriously by creating a smart balance of different types of lighting in the interior design of our projects.


We believe good sunlight or daylight in a space is as vital as other architectural lighting in interior design. Daylight is abundantly available, throughout the year, especially in a place like north India so we make sure to plan it smartly by giving large doors and windows in our spaces to let it peep inside the space at the same time smartly designing the fabrics of curtains and blinds so that it doesn’t cause much glare in the space.

Daylight at 12 noon and 4 in the evening can give a different type of glare into your interior space, so it is equally important to balance it with interior lights to have a stylish, luxurious, and balanced interior space.



Ambient lighting in interior design is a type of lighting that creates an atmosphere or as the name suggests sets the right ambiance for your space. They are not the main focus pieces of lighting but the most important. They provide a soft, diffused glow instead of any harsh glare in the space. They come in dimmable variants which means you can customize your lighting experience in the space according to the glare you need at the point in time. Let us now see some of the types of ambient lights that we use at Sculpt design studio while designing an interior space.

1.1 Recessed track lights – This is the most trending lighting in interior design as per the trend of 2024 and we love doing this on our false ceilings. These make the space look elegant and luxurious, getting the task done by providing good illumination in the space. They are very customizable; you can install a linear light, or a suspended downlighter to it.

lighting in interior design

1.2 Chandeliers – You already know, how beautiful a chandelier can be in an interior space. They can be installed at various places like your entrance lobby or over your dining or even in your bedrooms. It is essential to look at what kind of chandelier you aspire for your space, as it can be a heavy crystal chandelier to a minimal yet modern one. We like to design and plan chandeliers according to the theme of the house from a luxurious crystal chandelier for a classical villa to a minimal modern yet elegant piece for a young couple’s home.

lighting interior design

1.3 Cove lighting – This type of lighting in interior design is again a very widely used type of lighting, mostly as a part of ceilings. This is the most effortless way to add that soft glow into your space. You can just relax by switching on your cove lights after a hard day at work, or if you want to set the mood for a house party this is the perfect light that should be on your list. They come in various colors and are highly customizable but we at Sculpt design studio like to use warm whites on curtain coves, so that there is always a soft diffused illumination on the top of the curtains.

lighting interior design

1.4 Wall scones – This is yet another beautiful piece of lighting in interior design space. These can be easily fitted on the wall at the desired height and can feel the richness in the space. This not just provides a soft diffused illumination but also acts as an art piece for your wall. The bonus point is that infinite types of lighting designs are available in the interior design market. We like to plan our wall lights beforehand by leaving points on the wall for them. We get the design to customize or according to the theme of the project and get our ultra-stylish results without much effort. 

lighting in interior design


This is the second most important type of interior lighting, as the name suggests the main purpose of this type of lighting is to get the task done. For example, you use these types of lighting to highlight a particular area, or an artwork or even use it for your workstations. But the designs and variants available in the interior market today make it a must-have in your interior spaces. Let us see some ways how we like to use different types of task lighting in our interior design projects.  

2.1 Lamps – There are different types of lamps that can be used in an interior space, be it a pendant hanging lamp from the ceiling over your kitchen island or work desk or even a table lamp on your nightstand which you can use to read a book, or just to have a warm relaxed atmosphere at your space. So, while getting the task done you can also transform the mood of your home into a space that can make you feel like you are in a luxurious hotel.

lighting in interior design

2.2 Profile lights – This is yet another beautiful piece of lighting in interior design that we like to use in our interior design projects. They are budget-friendly, minimal yet elegant, let us see some of the ways to use profile lights. 

lighting in interior design
  • Under kitchen cabinets – Who thought the kitchen can be a cozy place you would want to be in? The good news is we can make it possible for you by Using profile lights under the kitchen cabinets that not only makes your kitchen look luxurious but also very practical, while doing the chores you can just turn on the ambient profile light and you can have a warm cozy cooking time with your loved ones.
  • Inside your cabinets – We all know it is convenient to have lights inside our cabinets, during night time while cooking it gets so easy to find things with these lights inside the cabinet, otherwise, we would have to turn on the best possible light in order to find something inside of the cabinet.
  • Wardrobes – Having lights inside your wardrobe is another special element we swear by they just automatically switch on when you open the shutters of your wardrobe and make the stuff inside visibility better and easy to work with on a day-to-day basis.

2.3 Vanity Lighting – Vanity or mirror lighting in interior design is another smart solution for your everyday getting-ready time for work. They are either installed beside the vanity mirror in the form of a hanging light or wall scones or in the form of a strip light by creating a cove between the mirror and the wall behind. This type of lighting is an effortless yet stylish way of enhancing your vanity for the better while getting the tasks done. 


This type of lighting in interior design is an extension of task lighting but while task lighting is more useful to get the tasks done through the illumination accent lighting focuses more on highlighting a particular area like your entrance foyer or pooja room or even a gallery wall, without causing much glare. It creates a sense of drama in the space, which speaks to the personality of the interiors.

3.1 Spotlights – As the name suggests spotlights are made to highlight a particular element or spot at a time so that in a space the whole attention can be drawn to that particular spot or element. Spotlights can be used in the form of ceiling COB lights but with less wattage than normal ceiling lights. They can also be used in the form of recessed lights or downlighters, or even floor lights in your indoor garden or lobby space. 

lighting in interior design


By now you must have understood the importance of lighting in interior design, without good and optimum use of lighting an interior space is like a half-cooked meal that would never be fulfilling and enjoyable. At sculpt design studio we swear by using lighting in interior design in the most optimized and balanced manner by using different types of lighting with the right fixtures and smart techniques, and understanding our client’s requirements and the theme of interior space so that the interior space not only looks luxurious but also functional and worth living and spending your time in. 

Frequently asked questions ( FAQs)

1. How to use different types of lighting fixtures in interior design?

There are different types of lighting fixtures available today in the interior design market, choosing the right one for your space can be confusing sometimes, but by sticking to your theme of the project, requirements of the project and the right budget you can select and use the right fixture of lighting in interior space.

2. Highlight the role and importance of lighting in interior design?

Lighting in interior design is as important as any other element, the right lighting enhances the functionality, and visual appearance and sets the right ambiance of the space. It highlights other elements and creates a space for every other element in the room to pop up.

3. What are the ways to optimize energy efficiency with lighting in interior space?

First, do the basics, plan your interiors such that there is always an ample amount of daylight in your space till the evening, and turn off the switches whenever you leave any room. Then should also install good lighting control systems in your space, also one must use energy-efficient lights which are available in the market like LED lights, all of these together help in reducing energy consumption.


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